Whoa, welcome to my playground!

Yue (Claire) Zhang

Master student in Computer and Information Technology at Upenn

I believe in changing the world with new technologies.


A quick look at what I have done



A single page application for machine learning enabled sentiment analysis and topic detection in financial context.

  • Data sources include 55.1 million Dow Jones News articles and 11.5 million Broker Reports hosted on internal Solr
  • Machine learning on sentiment analysis and theme detection
  • Applications include theme identification, competitive analysis, business insights mining
  • Technologies: Angular2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, d3.js, Bootstrap, Python, Pandas, Matlab
  • Source Code:
  • Date: Jun-Aug 2016

SearchTopia (mini-Google)

A search engine with distributed crawler, Indexer, PageRank, and web user interface.

  • Created a scalable, distributed web crawler with language detection and duplicate elimination features and concurrently crawled over 1,000,000 web pages
  • Used NLP stemming and lemmatization to extract words and bigrams and built two inverted index (fancy hit and normal hit) for each word and bigram
  • Iteratively calculated PageRank and TF/IDF using Hadoop MapReduce framework and designed algorithm for deriving real-time, high-precision search result
  • Integrated major web services (Wiki, Yelp) and support auto-complete, spell-check
  • Technologies: Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AWS, EC2, DynamoDB, S3, Hadoop, REST API, HTTP, Apache Tomcat, Jetty
  • Source Code: GitHub
  • Date: March-May 2016
  • Demo: YouTube

Conquer the Universe

An exciting Java Swing game that allow human to compete with computer to conquer as many planets as possible.

  • Implemented the computer strategies using graph algorithms including DFS, BFS, Dijkstra, etc.
  • Created the graphical user interface following the MVC pattern
  • Controlled the game with multithreading technique and master-slave pattern (Event Dispatching Thread vs SwingWorkers, etc.)
  • Support two play mode (human vs computer, computer vs computer) and player can attack opponent's planet and defend their own planets
  • Technologies: Java, Swing, GUI
  • Source Code: GitHub
  • Date: Apr 2016
  • Demo: YouTube

Vioce Your Way (Penn Apps XIII Hackathon)

A web application that can hear and talk. Support voice query and voice tweet.

  • Voice control and voice query is a promising and indispensable player of future artificial intelligence technology
  • Voice search allows you to speak a query and get instant voice answer about anything including weather, time, restaurant, hotel, sports, etc.
  • Voice tweets empowers you with the ability to tweet without typing
  • Technologies: Python, Flask, JavaScript, Houndify API
  • Source Code: GitHub
  • Date: Jan 2016

Movie Radar

A movie social network that connect you with similar movie fans.

  • Developed a Ruby on Rails web app – a movie social network where users can like, review and search movies/movie stars/directors, follow other users and get real-time activities notifications
  • Won the "Best Presentation Award" and one of six "Best Project Award"
  • Functions including authentication and login with email/Facebook, view-based access control, twitter-like user following and activities notification, movie ranking and searching
  • Designed relational schema with MySQL and deployed on the cloud (AWS RDS+EC2, MongoLab, Redis)

Learning new things every day


Programming Language

Java, C, C++, Python, TypeScript, SQL, Bash, Assembly

Web Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular2, jQuery, Node.js, Bootstrap

Operating System

OSX, Windows, Unix, Linux, EC2


Java SE, Java EE, Spring, Android SDK, Hadoop, Spark, Swing, AWS


MySQL, MongoDB, XQuery, XML


JUnit, Git, Subversion, npm, gulp

Things I like

What I like to do as a developer and as a person.

Things I like

  • Learn Technologies

  • Create websites/applications

  • Watch NBA

  • Travel and Explore


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